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Since I was a little girl I developed a deep love about photography. Throughout  years, I put away this passion to finish my Law studies.

One day I picked up my Canon and I started shooting sometimes, then often, and then always. Initially I took pictures of landscapes, sunsets, sunrises and animals: amazing, but it wasn’t my thing. I needed to feel something more.

I got into people around me, what they did, what their eyes said.
Little by little, I preferred capturing moments, gestures, expressions from persons met during my days and travels: my Street Photography experience was beginning.
However, children became my favourite subjects.
They really caught my attention because their spontaneity, kindness and heart’s purity. They have the power to transform a simple picture in something magical.
I think childhood is off the charts.

So I started with portraits, then taking pictures of children, newborn and family, shooting also during their birthday parties.
My purpose is to communicate something, to give and capture emotions, to have an image that is not just well posed, classic and beautiful, a photo that means something, a photo that goes further.

I’ve been doing food and interior photography lately.