I’m Francesca Menghini (b. 1987), an Italian photographer based in Amsterdam.
After some years as an autodidact, in 2021 I began studying photography at a degree level. I aim to finish my studies and achieve a BA (Hons) in Photography at Falmouth University (Falmouth Flexible), UK, in 2024.

In my approach, I explore the conceptual meaning behind the object I capture. Elevating ordinariness, to represent photographically interior worlds and beliefs.
I also investigate themes of identity, social issues and human rights, through personal work and collaborations.

It’s fundamental to provoke a discussion, tell stories, and listen to each other.
In my recent projects, I aim to change the way in which we stereotype gender.
As we can see in Faces of Fearless, thanks to photography I can display a different image of a girl. I can represent her not only by dancing but also by practising kickboxing or skateboarding. It’s fundamental to break the bias that made us believe that only boys, for example, can play soccer.
In Unbounded, Being Gender Diverse I can show that the world is not divided only into males and females, and that gender diversity is totally normal. 

Photography allows me to connect with the world around me. Photographing people gives me the opportunity to encounter so many interesting individuals, and this makes me more empathetic, respectful, and aware of the many different realities that people experience.
I deeply believe images and stories can influence society by changing opinions and instilling values. That’s why I pursue photography as a means of awareness and social change.


AOP Emerging Talent Award 2021/22 Finalist

Solo Exhibitions

Soursop, Amsterdam, NL,  3/12/2022

Collective Exhibitions

  • Chrysalid Gallery, Rotterdam, NL, 3-10/09/2022
  • FujiFilm House of Photography, London, 15-31/07/2022
  • Bistrot del Teatro, Viterbo, IT, 17-22/5/2022
  • AOP Photography Awards Showcase, Village Underground Shoreditch London, 20/04/2022
  • BROAD Magazine, Home Issue, 560 Gallery, Vancouver, Canada, 09/04/2022
  • Loosenart Magazine/Gallery, Spazio Millepiani, Rome, IT, 17-26/03/2022
  • Float Photo Magazine, Online, 18/10/2021
  • Foley Gallery, New York City, 21/06/2021
  • De Balie, Amsterdam, NL, 12/06/2021 – 27/06/2021
  • The Holy Art Gallery, London, 28/04 – 5/05/2021
  • Bargehouse Gallery, OXO Tower Wharf, London, 15/10 – 18/10/2020
  • Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, Florida, 11/01 – 28/02/2020
  • Keep the Moment, Den Haag, NL, 5/5/2019



  • BarTur Photo Award Student Award 2022/ Faces of Humanity: Shortlisted
  • AAP Magazine, #24 Portrait, 2022: Shortlisted
  • Zealous Stories, Photography 2022: Shortlisted
  • Zealous Stories, Photography 2021: Shortlisted