Hi I’m Francesca, a photographer based in Den Haag.

  • Visiting the Do Ho Suh exhibition at @museumvoorlinden was so impressive. 
As an expat, I connect a lot with his vision: he is interested in the way in which we relate to the spaces in which we live and what it means feeling at home.
This installation, the passage, is made of polyester fabric and stainless steel and it represents the components of different houses in which he has lived. 
The act of moving through them intends to impart a distinct emotional experience of crossing boundaries and moving between psychological states.
Feeling at home is an emotional concept and home is not only a structure of walls. Life is like a corridor and these in-between spaces symbolize the body’s mental journey, the moments between one destination to another.
Since this is Do Ho Suh first exhibition in the Netherlands, make sure you see it. You have time until September 29!
  • Het lijkt in een schilderij te zitten💛
  • The Rijksmuseum has the most extensive art history library in the Netherlands. 
Items have been collected since 1885💛📚
  • Last weekend I had the chance to visit the Broken Nature Exhibition, at the XXII Triennale di Milano. 
The exhibition is focused on the ties between humans and nature.
I paid particular attention to this installation, called CAPSULA MUNDI.
It consists of an egg-shaped pod for the deceased. 
The body or ashes of the deceased are placed inside a container made from biodegradable material. The capsule is then inserted into the ground and a tree planted above it becomes a place for memory. 
In this way you can create a cycle that transfers life from humans to plants, removing the boundary between humans and their environment💛
  • Duomo Sky Walk.
Favorite spot💛
  • First t-shirt of the season and this city💛
  • Two days ago I enjoyed the Different View Tour in the #piekstraat area, in which a residential tower with loft houses will be built thanks to @kcap.eu. 
One of the things I like most is that this project promotes a sustainable lifestyle with, for example, solar panels on the roof, CO2 controller ventilation, a smart thermostat to adapt the home to your lifestyle and a garage prepared for 100% electric car use. 
Thanks to @kcap.eu @remkewende @piekstraat for such an interesting afternoon.
  • Yesterday I was invited to explore the #piekstraat area, now a hidden part of Rotterdam. 
It is such a special environment where soon a new residential tower, with lofts, will be built thanks to @kcap.eu. 
From there you can also appreciate an amazing view of the river Maas and skyline of the center! 
Let’s not forget about the water bus, that connects Piekstraat (Feijenoord) with Plantagelaan (Kralingen)
Could you imagine yourself here?
Thanks to @remkewende @kcap.eu @piekstraat for this opportunity, I spent such a cool afternoon

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