There is magic around a baby shoot

A baby shoot needs to be real

Every baby photo session starts with meeting a new family.
In the beginning, it’s all about you and these gorgeous people, knowing each other, playing with the babies, chatting with the parents and then, pretending you’re not there, starting shooting.

What I like the most during a child photoshoot is the natural situation that is created: mom and dad acting as usual with their children, cradling their baby, playing with their grown-up, talking with them, kissing, feeding and holding them.

I love capturing also fun times, especially between siblings or when children started to play hide and seek.

Another special moment is when a baby starts to crawl.

Babies typically begin to do it between 6 and 10 months, and it’s so funny to wait to see what will be their next move while they inspecting the entire house.
What I just adore is to put myself at the same baby level on the ground, crawling with them, turning around, smiling, playing with the babies and their toys.
This cute little boy in the photo is Elias, and I had one of the greatest time photographing him, he is pure joy.

Capture the magic in a baby shoot

Each child is acting differently than another one and what is more beautiful than this? You have never the same baby shoot, the same pose, the same feeling looking at a picture.
Let me show you some examples.

This picture portrays a mom-son moment.
The baby was just returned from a walk with his dad and his mother was sitting with him on the sofa, looking at him, before feeding.
This only took a few seconds but it was crucial.
You can look at this photo and you’ll be able to feel the love between a parents and his little boy, eye to eye.
You look at his smile and you’ll be surprised to realize that it makes you smile as well.

This baby shoot captures a father and his son.
During the session, these two were, alone, at the end of the couch and for some minutes they only be able to look at each other.
How could you ever resist a love like this?
I’m pretty sure that you all will stare at their eyes, at the look of the baby, at his little hands, then first at the dad’s and later at the boy’s smile and that’s it, here it is, you totally can see the love.

That’s exactly the feeling I want to capture with my images, I want to portray powerful and real memories.
No pretence, just love.

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