Piekstraat area

Last Friday I was invited to explore the Piekstraat area, now a hidden part of Rotterdam.
Piekstraat is an awesome, raw and industrial part of the city called “Eiland van Feijenoord”.
The site is such a special environment where soon a new residential tower, with loft houses, will be built thanks to KCAP, an internationally operating design firm specialized in sustainable architecture and flexible urban design.

Different View Tour

They invited me and other inspiring people at KCAP Architecten located in Piekstraat to know more about the Project and then to take some pictures of the area.
It was super interesting seeing how everyone sees the place in a different way, focusing on some details rather than others.

From that location, you can appreciate an amazing view of the river Maas.
And you can do more. There are water buses, that connect Piekstraat (Feijenoord) with Plantagelaan (Kralingen).
During the ride, you can also appreciate the amazing skyline of Rotterdam.

About the Project

One of the things I like most is that this project promotes a sustainable lifestyle with, for example, solar panels on the roof, CO2 controller ventilation, a smart thermostat to adapt the home to your lifestyle and a garage prepared for 100% electric car use.
There is a lot more to Piekstraat Project. If you are curious here you go to the link to find everything you want to know.

Could you imagine yourself living here?