My 24 hours in Bruges

Spending 24 hours in Bruges

Bruges is a medieval city in the region of Flanders in Northern Belgium and with its romantic and picturesque canals, swans, charming squares and beautiful architecture you completely will fall in love with everything.
The compact historic center, a Unesco World Heritage Site, makes it very easy to see the city even if you only have 24 hours.

How to explore Bruges

Bruges has a small size and because of that can easily be explored on foot, by boat or by bike. Usually renting a bike for a day cost 10 € more or less. Let’s check this page visitbruges.be out where you can find the bicycle rental points in the city with their specific prices.
However, I suggest you book a central hotel, in this way you’ll be able to visit a lot in the easiest and most economical way without missing the details.

The Market Square

Let’s start your 24 hours walking tour with The Market Square, located in the center of the city. This Square, in the shadow of the majestic belfry tower, was the scene of medieval festivals, fairs, tournaments, uprisings and executions. It was used as a marketplace since 958, and a weekly market (every Wednesday) was held there from 985.
Today, the square serves as a meeting place for the locals and the three to four million visitors.

Admire the Burg Square

The medieval Burg Square located close to the market square has many impressive buildings. They represent a variety of architectural styles from the Gothic to Renaissance to the Neo-Classicist which includes what is perhaps the most beautiful building in Bruges, the Gothic Town Hall or Stadhuis, dating from 1376. A place full of history. The Square includes also the Bishop’s Palace, the Old Civil Registry and the Holy Blood Basilica.

Canal boat tour

After seeing the Market and The Burg Square, just turn the corner and you will have the first spot where it is possible enjoying a boat trip along Bruges’s canals. In this way, your experience in the city will be much more intense and unique.

Your guide will also share some interesting stories from the history of Bruges and he will highlights the main points you can see from the water.
The tour, available from 10.00 till 18.00, takes 30 minutes and the tickets cost 10 €. You can find five embarkation points through the city and wherever you will decide to go, the tours and prices are all the same. No competition.

These are the five landing stages:
– Michielssens, Huidenvettersplein 13.
– Coudenys, Rozenhoedkaai.
– De Meulemeester, Wollestraat 32.
– Gruuthuse, Nieuwstraat 11.
– Stael, Katelijnestraat 4.

Don’t miss the Rozenhoedkaai view

Just a short walk and you’ll admire the most famous panorama in Bruges is the Rozenhoedkaai. This enchanting little corner is probably one of the most photographed parts of this gorgeous city.

Take a break

Taking a break is always a good idea to recharge your batteries during the day.
I want to recommend you this charming and quiet place, called “Opus Latino”. You can chill out, eat or just drink something while enjoying the beautiful location.

If you are a chocolate lover, being in Bruges will be like being in the chocolate universe. After all, this sweet treat is a trademark of the city and the country itself and chocolate tasting is one of the most popular things to do in Bruges.
You can find any sort of chocolatier, almost at every corner. In my opinion, you shouldn’t miss this one, called Chocolaterie De Burg, in the city center, next to the Holy Blood Basilica.

See the MinnewaterPark and the Minnewater

Last but not least, The Minnewaterpark and the nearby Lake of Love (Minnewater). These two represent an oasis in the city of Bruges.
The lake and surrounding park offer an excellent retreat from the h0.jze and h0.jze of the cit`is lights and etretes.
The manypreuidet, swan (symbole of the cit)e form the fnishking tocht to its romantic chaacater.

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