Capturing connection in family portrait photography


Say cheese?

Imagine you are in front of a camera, ready for a family portrait photography, and the photographer tells you the dreaded words “Okay everyone, look at the camera and, at the count of three, say cheese!”.
Is not completely unnatural smiling after this phrase?
My goal is to capture authentic connection in a family session. While conventional, posed portraits are fine, there is something unique and inspiring about photos that immortalize emotion and relationships in a genuine and visible way.

Acting genuinely

The idea during a family session is mostly to capture candid moments in their lives, without getting them to pose specifically for the camera. This helps in getting natural expressions and renders the photos a lot more memorable.
I definetely prefer to use this kind of style in my photographs, because I’m really addicted to capture and see the real emotion in a face and not just a pose and a forced smile.
I pay attention to moments that happen when I’m in-between shots, like children playing with each other or smiling to their parents or just a laugh or a shared look, and I’m ready to capture them. These in-between moments, when your subject isn’t expecting it, are frequently the winning shots from a session, the most loved by parents. These are the natural, relaxed instants, so learn to anticipate them. Always keep your camera ready, and wait for the in-between moments that others may miss, not just the big ones.

I also like to use natural light, it’s the best to have a more natural performace, for some photos, nothing beats the natural beauty of ambient light. When used correctly natural light can create soft portraits that bring out great looking skin tones and display a perfect balance between shadows and highlights.


family portrait photography

I’ve taken this family portrait photography during a spontaneous mother – daughter moment

For instance, in the picture above, I was playing and laughing with this little amazing girl. When I stopped to tickle her, her mother continued to do it and I was able to take this photograph. Spontaneus, real, a picture that her mom loved at first sight.

To see more picture about that day take a look to my children and family portraits session.

Of course, even if I love capturing natural attitude, there will still be a few certain posed shots, for example the entire family together, but the look will be more natural and easy-going, all the members will be closer one another than traditional family portraits. You can feel and you can return to live, seeing photographs, those specific moments and emotions and this is priceless.

If you want to create genuine emotion in a family portrait photography, you need genuine interaction, both between you and your clients and between themselves. That’s the key and that’s the hard thing.

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