Broken Nature Exhibition

The thematic exhibition Broken Nature

Last weekend I had the chance to visit the exhibition Broken Nature: Design takes on Human Survival. It is placed at the XXII Triennale di Milano.
The Exhibition is focused on the ties between humans and their natural environment that have been intensely compromised over the years.

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite projects.

Concept Shoe (2015-2016-2018)

One of the most leading causes of ocean pollution is plastic. It destroys marine organisms, alters established ecosystem, disrupts the food chain with a lot of devastating consequences.
The Parley for the Oceans retrieves and recycles the material from shorelines, looking at marine plastic detritus as a resource.
Plastic waste is then treated and turned into raw material again. Fashion companies use this material to make products.

In this picture we can see a collaboration with Adidas. This brand created running shoes made almost entirely from recycled plastics. They are amazing!

Fairphone 2 (2015)

Speaking about using waste materials, in the Broken Nature Exhibition, you can find also Fairphone 2.
This company wants to reduce electronic waste resulting from short life spans of product. It designed this phone as a modular device in which defunct components can be replaced and repaired.

100 Chairs in 100 Days (2007-2017)

Continuing the Broken Nature Exhibition, you can’t not noticing these unusual chairs.
Martino Gamper gathers pieces of discarded old chairs and materials into playful assemblages that merge different stylistic schools and structural elements in curious collages of design history. The project involves producing one chair a day over a period of a hundred days.
I love the concept behind his project. He did this because he’s concerned about the surrounding trends of discarding working products in favor of newer models.

Capsula Mundi (2003)

During my visit, I paid particular attention to this installation.
It consists of an egg-shaped pod for the deceased.
The body or ashes of the deceased are placed inside a container made from biodegradable material.
The capsule is then inserted into the ground and a tree planted above it becomes a place for memory.
In this way, you can create a cycle that transfers life from humans to plants. You can remove the boundary between humans and their environment.

The Nation of Plants

Last but definitely not least, you can be part of an impressive show, you can see talking plants. This show is curated by Stefano Mancuso, one of the world’s leading experts in plant neurobiology.
The most recent studies in the realm of plants have shown that they have sense organs and memory and that they communicate with each other. They can be considered as intelligent organisms.
The exhibition is based on the idea that to avoid a catastrophic future for humanity is important to take a radically new approach to plants. We should use them not just for what they have to offer us, but also for what they can teach us.
I truly recommend you to enjoy deeply this experience.

This is only a part of Broken Nature Exhibition, that will run until the 1st of September.
Why should you go?
This is the first time that these projects are all placed within the same space, with the aim to unearth design’s potential to mediate societal and behavioral changes.
We have to be conscious, we have to understand the multi-species systems. This exposition can inspire habits to rebuilt our ties with nature.


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