A talk with Susan Ruiter

Susan’s gallery is located in Vlaardingen, on a lovely street.
As soon as you arrive, you notice that, at the end of the gallery, there is also her studio. After a little talk, I walked around and admired the space and her works.

When you meet Susan Ruiter, you see she is like her art: lovely and joyful. Her purpose is to make people happy with the paintings, and you can totally perceive that from every detail of her artwork. You immediately are impressed by the bright colours, the round shapes, and the way she draws people and animals.

Susan realizes lots of different pieces. You can find on her website a lot of works for sale and you can also rent a painting for €10 per month to see if that is the right piece to hang in your space. There is more. If you want to add a personal touch and you want to choose which size and colours you prefer, she also creates commissioned works. You can send her, for example, some pictures of your dog, of you with your family, of your daughter and so on. In this way, Susan can get some inspiration from those images and create a unique piece for you.

Before leaving, I received some cards and also a calendar as a gift. That was a great capper to the day.

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