5th of May 2019, The Hague

My first exhibition

This was an exhibition organized at the end of a photography course at Keep the Moment, the International Photography School, in The Hague.
These are two series based on two different kinds of studio lights.

The dancer

In the first ones, I photographed a dancer. I just captured the natural movement without asking her anything. It was really beautiful “dancing” with her, following the movements without bothering her dance. She didn’t notice me, but I tried to be always with her. I focused mostly on shadows and lights combined with dance moves. I converted them in black and white to accentuate the contrast between the shadow and the light.

The model

In the second series of this exhibition, I started a conversation with the girl to make her feel comfortable. I talked to her, we laughed, I asked her which position I wanted. It isn’t so easy in the beginning learning to deal with a model, but little by little there was more confidence and pictures turned out very expressive and beautiful.

If you want to look at the pictures more closely, here you go the link of my works, in which you can find also these images.


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